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Advanced Pain Relief Technology

The SCENAR device (or Pain Genie) is an advanced pain relief device and represents a breakthrough in accelerating the body's natural self-healing abilities. It is a small hand-held device that uses the latest genuine Scenar technology to deliver a non-invasive, drug-free solution to pain from injuries, aches and stiffness. Developed by an elite team of doctors and scientists to keep cosmonauts in optimum health during space travel, it is now the treatment of choice by an increasing number of world-class athletes and medical professionals. It is highly effective in all forms of pain relief including neck and back pain, sports injuries, whiplash, fractures, arthritis, RSI, IBS, burns and aching joints.

Solihull Holistic Health is one of a very limited number of holistic health practices in the country that offer this remarkable therapy and we are achieving some outstanding results in a relatively short period of time. We are even finding that some people are prepared to travel from other cities to have a SCENAR treatment from Rob Buckle, who is a fully trained SCENAR Therapy practitioner. For example, Anita travelled 43 miles from Leicester to Solihull for the treatments, as her first experience of the Pain Genie proved to her that it was more effective than any any other treatment she had undertaken before, for injuries to her neck and shoulder that she had endured for up to 20 years! Hear her testimony in the short video below...

How SCENAR Technology Works

SCENAR = Self Controlled Energo-neuro Adaptive Regulator

As the SCENAR device is brushed over an area of inflammation or pain, the device delivers a ‘dose’ of electrical stimulation impulses to the body, designed to mimic the electrical discharges of the nervous system. These are registered by the body, accelerating the release of powerful natural healing compounds known as neuropeptides.

The results are usually immediate and long lasting, with most people able to achieve a dramatic reduction in pain, often within minutes.

Why SCENAR Technology works

• Information flows from the device to previously unresponsive areas of the body, the aid to healing continues well after the treatment has been completed

• The skin is linked to the central nervous system and, in a similar way to reflexology, has reflex zones that correspond to internal organs and systems.

• The SCENAR technology works on acupuncture meridians and neurological zones

• Restores homeostasis (natural body balance) through sympathetic/parasympathetic balance


“I could feel an immediate effect on the pain in my shoulder and arm. The most noticeable effect was the immediate pain relief. I was very surprised! I am not suffering as much as I was before and am happy that I can now carry out activities without pain. Rob was very knowledgable and likeable, calming and reassuring. I have recommended him to my friends.” (Jacquline, Birmingham)

“The treatment was intense, but pain-free. The Pain Genie was used on my back and the benefits were felt straight away. It helped my back pain immensely. I can honestly say it worked for me. Rob explained the whole treatment before he started and kept me informed the whole way through. He is very knowledgable and put me at ease straight away.” (Evren, Birmingham)
“I had read that microcurrents, close to our own bodies currents, could be used to relieve chronic pain and promote healing, so I sought a SCENAR practitioner to help with my severe back pain, that wasn't improving, I found a local SCENAR therapist, Rob Buckle. His treatments quickly relieved the pain and helped me to recover. Thank you, Rob.” (Margarethe Booth, Solihull)

“After I suffered knee joint pain, my wife did research on the internet and came across SCENAR and a practitioner, Rob of Solihull Holistic Health. I have now had four sessions, the tightness around my knee eased and it is now free and feels normal. Now my cycle rides are now much more enjoyable.” (Ian Booth, Solihull)

“I’ve had injuries going back 20 years and the Pain Genie is the only thing that has worked for me. It works very, very quickly. Within a few treatments you will notice the difference. Solihull Holistic Health is one of only a few places offering this treatment. I’m travelling 43 miles on a weekly basis to have the treatment - and it is worth it!” (Anita, Leicester)

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