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Relaxing & Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Solihull Holistic Health offers two types of relaxing and highly therapeutic massage treatments:

Indian Head Massage
Thai Seated Back Massage

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The treatments can be taken individually or combined for maximum physical benefit or for release of stress and tension. For example, Indian Head Massage and Thai Seated Back Massagemake an ideal pairing for release of stress and tension and for maximum benefit of back, shoulder and neck issues. Either treatment can also be added to another, such as Reflexology, for a longer treatment, for even greater benefits.

Individual sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes and combined treatments can be 60, 75 or 90 minutes in length.

Prices start from £28 for a 30 minute session. Please call Rob Buckle for more information about prices, on 07738938342

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a popular treatment at Solihull Holistic Health, not just because it has excellent therapeutic benefits to the body, but also because it is just about the most relaxing thing you can do for yourself!

Although the treatment is centred around the head, neck and upper back, your whole body will feel relaxed and your mind clear of tension and stress. This has huge benefits for your overall health and well-being. Short or long treatments are available and the style can range from firm and invigorating, to soft and soothing or something in-between. Treatments are done without oils, unless specifically requested.

Testimonial: “I have had many head massages during beauty treatments at salons, however, the Indian Head Massage I received from Rob was without doubt the best head massage I’ve had! It was extremely relaxing and released the tension around my neck and shoulders. After the treatment I felt relaxed, yet energised. I would highly recommend the Indian Head Massage treatment from Rob!" (Lisa, Castle Vale)

See the short video below to get a taster of this wonderful treatment:


"I have found the treatments from Rob, not only powerful in terms of relaxing my whole body and mind, but also had long-lasting well-being impacts. It has particularly helped to relax my muscles, relieve tension in my neck and shoulders, as well as partly being the reason for my improved sleep." (Alison, West Bromwich)

How Can Indian Head Massage Benefit You?

The therapeutic benefits of Indian Head Massage have been known about for over a thousand years in India . The massage helps to relieve muscular discomfort and tension as well as calming the spirit and aiding relaxation, it also improves circulation in the head, enhances the senses and promotes clear thinking.

Other benefits of Indian Head Massage include:

* Eases stress
* Eases neck, back and joint tension
* Helps migraine/tension headaches
* Improves circulation
* Revitalises energy
* Promotes hair health/growth


"I came to see Rob as I was having recurrent and quite crippling headaches, as a result of tension and stress. After the first treatment I had no more headaches, even though they had been occurring on a daily basis and did not respond to pain killers. I was very impressed!” (John, Solihull)


What Can You expect at an Indian Head Massage treatment?

The treatment includes massage techniques to the upper back, shoulders and neck, which helps to relax the muscles where tension tends to accumulate. This helps improve cerebral spinal fluid circulation and can ease common conditions, such as migraine headaches. On the scalp, techniques are used that stimulate, relax and revive the whole of the head, increasing circulation and promoting healthy hair and hair growth. The treatment includes gentle hair manipulation and a face massage with techniques that help circulation, skin tone, and sinuses.
The pressure applied during the massage depends on individual tolerances and preferences. It is generally a relaxing and pleasurable experience for the recipient.

The treatment is carried out with the client sitting in an upright chair. The chair I use is very comfortable and height adjustable.

Prior to a first treatment I will conduct a medical consultation. This usually takes about 10 minutes and is to help establish what your main reason for you seeking treatment is and if there are any reasons why the treatment might not be appropriate for you. All information recorded will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will remain totally confidential.

What should I wear?

It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothes, so that you can relax more easily. As the treatment involves massage to the upper back and shoulders, it is best not to wear clothes with thick, heavy material, hoods or stiff collars. For men, ties will need to be removed and shirt collar loosened, if appropriate.

Will I get my hair messed up or covered in oil?

Firstly, I do not use oils, unless specifically requested by the client, but if oils are used, then there will obviously be some remaining on the hair following a treatment. If you do require oils, please make appropriate arrangements re appropriate attire and time of appointment.

As the hair is an extension of the central nervous system, I consider it essential to incorporate it into the treatment. Most clients find it a particularly relaxing and soothing part of the treatment. It is, of course, impossible to do an Indian Head Massage without disturbing the hair to some extent, but I always endeavour to leave the hair looking as presentable as possible prior to the client leaving.

Hair should be clean and free of product prior to a treatment, especially for long hair. This is partly for hygiene reasons, but also it makes for a much more pleasant and luxurious treatment for you, as the practitioner's fingers need to work through the hair during the massage. You may wish to bring a comb/brush to tidy hair appropriately prior to leaving.

How long does an Indian Head Massage session take?

30 minute and 60 minute treatments are available
30 minute treatments can be combined with other treatments

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'Pamper'/Relaxation Sessions

Enjoy the most relaxing and therapeutic benefits of at least 2 therapies in a double session, with a friend or partner. The sessions can, to some extent, be tailored by you, with the emphasis on blissful relaxation.

The suggested/recommended format is a 2 hour session, consisting of a combination of Indian Head Massage and reflexology/foot massage. There is also the option of an extended session with the option of including Aromareflex as part of the session, (reflexology using essential oils). This unique combination of therapies is designed to relax the mind and body to the optimum level.

These sessions are ideal as a one-off or occasional treat or as a gift on a special occasion (gift vouchers are available too!). It is also an ideal opportunity to have extended tasters of some of the fantastic therapies that are on offer at Solihull Holistic Health.

The sessions can be booked for individuals, but there are substantial savings on price when booked as a double session for 2 people. See below for prices

What to expect at a Pamper/Relaxation Session

Beginning with an Indian Head Massage, with deep or gentle massage to the upper back, shoulders, scalp and face, this therapy has long been regarded as one of the most pleasant ways to ease stress and tension throughout the entire body. By stimulating the nerves in the head area, the therapy promotes feelings of well-being, a sense of calmness and deep tranquility. All of which leaves you just wanting to lie down and close your eyes; so the Reflexology/Foot Massage is the ideal way to follow on.

Fully reclining on the extremely comfortable ‘Lafuma’, the Reflexology/Foot Massage therapy utilises all of the most relaxing elements of Reflexology and combines them with foot massage techniques. Of course, Reflexology is renown for the many health benefits that it can provide, as it is known to reverse the symptoms of stress. This treatment will relax all of your body systems and generate deep, tranquil relaxation.

The extended version of the above has extended time on both therapies and will also end with a beautiful, relaxing meditation, designed to leave a lasting sense of peace and tranquility with you that will benefit you long after the session has finished.


Why not make it more of a sociable occasion and bring a friend, partner or relative:
2 hour session for 2 people, including individual Indian Head Massage and Reflexology/Foot Massage, £80

* All double sessions include a free bottle of mineral water per person, during the session

60 minute session of Indian Head Massage and Reflexology/Foot Massage, for 1 person: £45

75 minute session of Indian Head Massage and Reflexology/Foot Massage or Aromareflex (for 1 person): £65

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