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Solihull’s Natural Health Service, Since 2008

Welcome. Please take your time to read about the wonderful therapies on offer at Solihull Holistic Health, together with testimonies from some of our many happy customers over the last 14 years. Please be sure to watch some of the videos too! All testimonies are genuine and unscripted. If you need any further information, feel free to phone Rob on: 07738938342

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Rob Buckle (MAR/ADPR/BA Hons)

ITEC qualified Reflexologist, Stress Management Consultant, Reiki Master, Advanced Hypnotherapist and Practitioner of Massage Therapies

I established Solihull Holistic Health in 2008 after initially qualifying as a Reflexologist. I have since invested a great deal more time and money in training in other therapies and continual professional development, to become the best holistic/natural therapist that I can be. I have responded to the needs of the people I have worked with and am now confident that the therapies I offer are able to effectively address all manner of issues associated with the mind, body and spirit.

If your instinct tells you ‘something is not quite right’, need to manage your stress levels more effectively, feel that pharmaceutical treatments are not working for you, or just need a helping hand to conquer a long-standing issue, it’s about time you gave me a call! I can be most easily reached on my mobile phone: 07738938342. If I am unable to take your call immediately, I will promise to call or message you back within 24 hours (usually much less).

Read Rob's full profile here
FAQ's/What to Expect/Prices here


Reflexology - The most popular treatment at Solihull Holistic Health. It is a fabulous and powerful treatment that can be used as an aid to the healing of all manner of conditions of a physical and emotional nature. Whether you are in need of stress release or have a specific health condition, reflexology can be a highly beneficial treatment. Solihull Holistic Health now also offers Aroma-Reflexology, which is a slightly longer and more luxurious treatment, which includes the use of essential oils, blended in a smooth, natural massage wax. Please see the Reflexology page for more details.

Facial Reflexology A new treatment at Solihull Holistic Health, but already a favourite with many clients (especially the ladies), who like the duel benefits of it improving skin tone/ facial appearance as well as their general health. A deeply relaxing treatment in itself and one that can be easily and effectively combined with other treatments, such as Indian Head massage or foot reflexology. Find out more about this wonderful treatment on the Facial Reflexology page.

Fertility Reflexology One of Rob's Reflexology specialities is 'Fertility Reflexology', meaning he has taken additional training to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to be able to offer specialist support to couples looking to conceive, women in pregnancy and women wanting to induce labour. This is a slightly different, more specialist type of reflexology that has had some incredible results with clients. Read some of the amazing success stories on the Fertility Reflexology page.

Stress Management - A truly holistic approach to regaining health and well-being. The aim is to resolve stress issues through a structured programme, designed to look at the whole person, get to the root of the issue(s) and work towards living a life without stress. A treatment plan may include several different therapies. Please see the Stress Management page for more details.

Relaxation/Taster Sessions Not sure which treatment or combination of treatments to go for? Solihull Holistic Health offers the opportunity to try 2, thirty minute tasters, for the introductory price of £35. This is a great way to try the therapies before committing to a course. It can also be treated as a highly relaxing and therapeutic 'pamper' session, if that is what you want. Choose from:
Facial Reflexology
Indian Head Massage
Thai Seated Back Massage

Better still, come with a friend/partner/relative! Take turns to try one taster at a time and enjoy a sociable occasion too!

*Gift vouchers for the above available*

Please watch the short introductory video below for a taster of some of the therapies available:

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Free 30 minute Consultation

It can be a big step to seek therapy and choose an appropriate therapist to help you make changes to your life. It can also be somewhat confusing in terms of which therapy to choose to help you the most. For that reason, Solihull Holistic Health offers you a FREE 30 minute consultation, so that you can discuss, without pressure or obligation, all possible options. It is also a chance to meet the therapist and see the treatment room/facilities.

PHONE ROB on 07738938342 to arrange your free consultation

Client Testimonials

The following (5 min long) video features a number of current or recent clients of the various therapies at Solihull Holistic Health, giving their personal testimonies of the many benefits they have received from the treatments. All are genuine clients and received no coaching. Nothing is scripted and most recorded their testimonies in a single take. Several of those featured said they would not have been able to do this kind thing prior to having treatments. (Scroll down for more written client testimonials):

"I would recommend Rob to anybody who wants to change their life for the better." (Anthony, Birmingham)

'H' was told by her doctor that she could never conceive, due to Premature Ovarian Failure, but after a course of Fertility Reflexology, combined with Hypnotherapy for positive thinking...
I just wanted to drop you a text to tell you some good news. I am pregnant! It's very early days but we're absolutely over the moon. I've just had my first doctors appointment and the doctor was amazed given my diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure. It just goes to show that not giving up was the right thing to do. I can't even begin to thank you for what you've done for me. Without your treatment, especially the hypnotherapy, I wouldn't have been able to overcome the negative thought patterns I had and I'm convinced I would not have been able to conceive. Thank you for everything.

It's not just the treatments that help, but Rob's holistic approach to the whole person, including discussion, advice and guidance on all aspects of physical and emotional well-being...
“I am now doing a lot better since I first came to see you. The sessions I did with you really helped me see things more clearly. I would like to thank you for the work we did as it really helped me, not just the practical sessions but also the discussions we had. It all helped me think in a calmer way.“ (Richard, Solihull)
"What can I say? The Reflexology and Indian Head Massage treatments have been amazing! I feel like a completely different person! When I go home after a session I feel like I’m walking on clouds! The Indian Head Massage has been helping with my headaches, as well as making me feel very relaxed. The Reflexology has helped me feel positive and stress free. Rob gives good advice about the best things to do and makes me feel at ease and comfortable." (Sanj, Shirley)
“I would recommend Rob Buckle to anyone. He always gives a very professional service and treatment.” (Pauline, South Birmingham)

You can read more testimonials for each therapy on their specific pages and also on my Solihull Holistic Health Facebook Page '

FAQs/What to Expect if you book a treatment

As well as a thorough, professional treatment, you can expect a warm welcome and a personalised service from myself (Rob), that sets Solihull Holistic Health apart from other multi-treatment 'centres', spas and salons. I take customer care very seriously and every client is valued as a special guest in my home. The treatment room is fully equipped and roomy enough for all the therapies offered - see below for more details. The treatment room (and house in general) is prepared appropriately for every individual client. Toilet facilities are available on the ground floor, if needed. Parking is available, on the drive between 10am and 4pm or directly outside or near the property at other times. Please also see here for all of the new, additional safety measures that will be taken to ensure a safe environment for all.

Where are the treatments done?

Treatments are usually done at my home in Olton, Solihull, where I have a dedicated treatment room that is separated from the rest of the house and has beautiful garden and sky views.

Address: 34 Dene Court Road, Olton, Solihull, B92 8DL

What are your opening hours?

Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 7.30pm approx (last appointment 6.30pm)
Friday - 9am - 5.30pm
Saturday - 10am - 5pm

Monday - Admin only
Closed Sunday

How much does a treatment cost?

Prices vary according to the type and length of treatment; from £22 for a half hour taster session or £35 for 2 half hour tasters
Reflexology: £40 for one hour
Aroma-Reflexology: £45 for one hour
Facial Reflexology £40 for one hour, £25 for half hour
Indian Head Massage/Reiki: £25 for half hour or £40 for one hour
Two half hour treatments: £40
Hypnotherapy: single sessions, from: £60, discounted block bookings also available

I offer generous discounts on block bookings of 4 treatments and often offer complimentary taster sessions to regular clients.
For further details, please call Rob Buckle on 07738938342 or see the information on the individual pages of the respective therapies.

Is there parking available ?

Yes. Dene Court Road is a relatively quiet street, so parking is usual possible right outside or very close to the property. If the drive is free, there is usually space for one car for a few hours between 10am and 4pm each day.

Is Solihull Holistic Health a large centre?

No. Solihull Holistic Health is a trade name that describes the services I provide. I work from home, but have a full dedicated, fully equipped treatment room, that is at least as comfortable as any 'centre' treatment room, with a great aspect to the rear of the property.

How early should I arrive before my appointment?

It is best to arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, as I may have other clients booked in either side of your appointment. The treatment room needs to be fully prepared for each client prior to the treatment, so if clients arrive more than a few minutes before the appointment time I may not be ready and there is no waiting room or receptionist!

What happens if I have booked an appointment and can not attend? Will I have to pay the full fee?

No. Provided you give ample notice, which is usually around 24 hours or as much as is possible in the light of emergencies etc. If you have booked an appointment and do not attend without notice, you will be asked to pay, as you have booked my time and caused me a great deal of inconvenience as well as often depriving others of the opportunity to book a treatment at that time.

Customised Treatment Plans

Not sure which therapy is best for you? Flexible and open-minded enough to do what is necessary to get your self sorted? Let me tailor a health/treatment programme for you!

With my experience and the range of therapies I offer, I will be able to work out a treatment plan with you and advise you on the best therapies to combine, when to switch and how often to have particular treatments. I can also advise you on lifestyle changes that may be necessary, including diet and supplements that may benefit you.

My Stress Management Treatment Programme is a perfect example of a customised programme that is designed with the overall purpose of conquering the issues that may be negatively affecting your life on an emotional and physical level. A typical plan may include hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and holistic treatments such reflexology, Reiki and Indian head massage.

Below is a short video testimonial from Senior Property Developer, Richard, who describes the positive and life changing results that Solihull Holistic Health's Stress Management Programme has had on his life - and includes his experiences of hypnotherapy, reflexology and Thai back massage.

Other examples of customised plans may include: Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Hypnotherapy, over a number of treatment sessions, to help a combination of physical and emotional issues in one client.

Or, you could combine Reflexology, Pain Genie and Indian Head Massage in a course for more complex, pain-orientated physical issues.

There are various other combinations that could work for you, but the main aim of everything I do is to advance you to where you want/need to be, in terms of your health and well-being, as quickly as possible, so that you can be at your very best.

So if you would like to discuss a customised health programme, I offer a free 30 minute consultation, which can be done in person, at the Solihull Holistic Health clinic, over the phone or on Skype. Call the number below to make an appointment.

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To make an appointment today, call Rob Buckle on: 07738 938342

Address /Google map of location
I try to answer enquiries as promptly as I can, however, due to the nature of the business, I am not always available to answer calls and messages immediately. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive a reply. Many thanks.
Rob Buckle

About Solihull Holistic Health

Solihull Holistic Health was established in 2008 by Rob Buckle (MAR/Reiki Master and GHR member) and is located in the leafy suburb of Olton, Solihull. It is easily accessible from Solihull, Olton, Shirley, Knowle, South Birmingham and many other parts of the West Midlands. Treatments are usually done at 34 Dene Court Road in Olton, but home visits can be arranged, if necessary, to do treatments at clients' premises, in surrounding areas, such as Olton, Knowle, Dorridge, Shirley and South Birmingham.

Although based in Rob's family home, there is a dedicated treatment room at the rear of the property, which is private, not overlooked by other properties and with beautiful garden and sky views. Clients often remark upon its tranquil ambiance, which makes an ideal healing environment.

Home. Rob Buckle

About Rob Buckle (MAR, GQHP/ADPR, Reiki Master, BA Hons)

I discovered the benefits of natural/holistic health in 2007, in an effort to stem a lifetime migraine issue. My doctor advised me to take pain-killers, as there was, apparently, ‘nothing else’ that could be done! I began researching ‘alternative’/ holistic health remedies and found a world of new possibilities. For example, I discovered that reflexology has been known to help with migraines and ease stress, so I decided to book a course of treatments with a reflexologist who had been recommended to me. A few short weeks later my life had changed! The migraines almost completely stopped and my energy levels improved no-end! I was so impressed I decided to train as a reflexologist!

Most of my previous career had been spent in teaching (adults mainly), so stress and had always been a factor in my life! I was made redundant twice within 4 years at one stage of my career, which caused me a great deal of stress and anxiety for a prolonged period, affecting my health adversely – particularly the debilitating migraine headaches. I have since found my own healing and ways to deal with stress and anxiety and I believe my experiences give me the knowledge and empathy needed in order to help others with similar issues.

My own journey has allowed me to see first-hand the effects of a stressful life on health, but also how holistic therapy can help in the healing process. Since qualifying as a Reflexologist I have undertaken a considerable amount of further training to add depth and variety to my healing skills. For example, I have trained in Reiki and reached Master Level in 2010, I trained in Hypnotherapy and reached Advanced Practitioner level in 2015 and I have most recently qualified as a Stress Management Consultant. I, therefore, now feel fully equipped to offer a variety of treatment solutions to help clients with the vast majority of conditions that they present me with.

Since discovering holistic health I have realised that my true passion in life lies with natural health rather than for teaching and in 2015 I finally made the transition from teacher to natural health practitioner. I now work on a full-time basis at Solihull Holistic Health, am completely committed to helping the clients that come my way - and couldn't be happier!

Rob Buckle: Professional Qualifications

Stress Management Consultant Diploma, Birmingham Holistic Training Centre, January 2018

Thai Seated Back Massage, Eastern Facial Massage, Birmingham Holistic Training Centre, November 2017

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP, The Unity Principal, Birmingham, July 2015
world class Hypnotherapy NLP training
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP, The Unity Principal, Birmingham, Apr 2013

Indian Head Massage, Gateway Workshops, Leicester, Jan. 2013

Reiki Master/Master Teacher - Reiki Levels 1, 2 , 3 and 4, Discover Serenity Holistic Solutions, Birmingham, 2009-12

ITEC Level 3 Diplomas in Reflexology/ Anatomy & Physiology- Athena School of Natural Therapies, Wolverhampton, 2007-8

Pathology Level 3, Essential Training Solutions, 2011

BA (Hons Degree) - Middlesex University, 1985

Professional Memberships/Insurance/CRB

Robert Buckle (MAR) is a member of The Association of Reflexologists, a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR), fully insured to practice holistic therapies and is CRB checked.

The Treatment Rooms

Although Solihull Holistic Health is a home-based practice, there is a dedicated and fully-equipped treatment room that is separated from the rest of the house.


2 Lafuma reclining chairs - one is the latest (2019) model, the Lafuma 'Air Comfort' recliner - which is probably the most comfortable chair you will ever sit/lie in!) - and the other is the Lafuma XL Recliner (2019 model), which is a larger style chair, ideal for people who need a longer or wider chair. These chairs are ideal for reflexology and hypnotherapy

An adjustable, padded, full size massage couch for Reiki, Pain Genie treatments and reflexology (if preferred).

An adjustable back massage chair, for the seated Thai Back Massage

A comfortable, padded chair, with a low back for Indian head massage

A second treatment room is also on permanent standby. This room is smaller, but more sound-proofed (from external noise) and better shaded from the sun and can be made available on request. The treatment rooms (and house in general) is prepared appropriately for every individual client.

See pictures below of the treatment rooms at Solihull Holistic Health. The first one shows the Large (Lafuma) reclining chair, the Indian head massage chair, the Thai Seated Back Massage chair and the Reiki couch (folded).

Home. Equipment tr room 2

Solihull Holistic Health treatment room 1

Home. Treatment Room3 (large)

Home. Massage couch blue1

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Treatment Room 2

Home. Solihull Holistic Health treatment room 2

Still worried about booking an appointemnt, due to Covid 19? Here are some facts to ease your concerns...

• All necessary precautions to prevent the spread of any infection will be taken, for the benefit of clients. Good sanitation and hygeine practice is always a primary consideration at Solihull Holistic Health
• Anyone displaying active flu-like symptoms is asked not to attend
• The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated in June 2020 that the likelihood of someone who is asymptomatic spreading the virus is ‘rare’.
• An independent study into infectivity of 455 asymptomatic Covid 19 carriers, concluded that the evidence of the virus being transmitted to others was ‘weak’ (you can read the full report of the study here: Other larger studies, such as one in China involving over 10 million people reached the same conclusion.
• The CV 19 infection-to-death rate is approximately 0.28% for the general population. That is a survival rate of 99.72%!
• Of those who died after contracting CV 19, at least 89% had known serious underlying health conditions that they were already being treated for (some studies place this as high as 99%)
• By far the highest risk category for Covid 19 is the over 70s age group and it is only considered life-threatening to them if they have at least one serious, underlying health condition that has weakened their immune system.
• The CDC stated in June 2020: “While the percentage of certified deaths related to Covid 19 is still above the epidemic threshold, it is now similar to what has been observed at the peak of some flu seasons”.
The best defence against Covid 19 and any other viral infection is a healthy immune system. Having a regular holistic health treatment is one of the best ways to boost your immune system, together with a healthy lifestyle, which should include natural supplements, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Zinc.

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