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Non-Surgical Face-Lift - with Advanced Scenar Technology

Solihull Holistic Health are pleased to be now offering Cosmetology treatments, for incredible non-surgical face lifts, so you can bring back your youthful looks for fraction of the price of many other cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetology is defined as ‘the ancient science of preserving the body’ and aims to protect the body from ageing and to enhance beauty. Solihull Holistic Health’s Scenar Cosmetology is the most natural and cost-effective way to achieve this.

Using the advanced technology of the Pain Genie Scenar Device with Cosmetology Probe (pictured). combined with the relaxing and highly therapeutic Eastern Facial Massage, you will receive a treatment that is, effectively, a non-surgical facelift. The treatment is pain-free and long lasting. With precisely placed use of the Cosmetology Probe (pictured), each treatment works on the key facial muscles, creating a tighter, more up-lifted, younger appearance. You can read about and see client testimonies of the revolutionary health giving and body harmonising qualities of the Scenar (Pain Genie) device here.

The facial treatment will:

* tone and rejuvenate the skin
* reduce wrinkles
* promote lymphatic drainage
* detoxify the skin
* regenerate skin cells
* improve scars and various skin problems

Even after one treatment, you will notice a positive improvement in the facial appearance. A course of ten treatments should see significant improvements over the duration and last between 9 and 12 months, before booster treatments may be necessary.

To obtain the full benefits of the Cosmetology treatments, we recommend a 'holistic' approach, which may also include Eastern Facial Massage,, Indian Head Massage or Thai Seated Massage (you can read about these treatments and the many benefits they offer by clicking on the respective links or on the 'Massage Therapies' tab)

Not Just Facial, But WHOLE BODY Health!

Of course, everyone wants to be beautiful, but real beauty begins on the inside. A course of Cosmetology treatments will not only benefit your face, but the whole body and many other health issues can be addressed during a course of treatments, through use of the highly versatile Pain Genie (Scenar) device and appropriate home-care advice. For example, the Pain Genie can be used to help all manner of health issues that may be slowing you down and making you feel less than at your best (for more details see here). Consequently, if you feel good on the inside, you will look good on the outside!

The full 10 week programme will include:

* 10 Scenar facial Cosmetology treatments
* At least 3 Eastern Facial Massage treatments
* Scenar/Pain Genie treatments (as necessary) on areas of the body in need of rebalance or healing
* Optional additional treatments, such as Indian Head Massage, Thai Seated Massage or Aroma-Reflexology, for a more holistic approach to health and beauty.
* Facial Massage Wand therapy, as needed
* Advice and guidance on appropriate diet and nutritional supplements
* Skin-care advice
* Stress management guidance

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The recommended price for this treatment is £45 per one hour session or £400 for a course of 10 sessions, but FOR A LIMITED PERIOD WE WILL BE OFFERING THE TREATMENTS FOR £35 FOR ONE HOUR SESSIONS OR £300 FOR THE COURSE OF 10.

The discounted price on the block of 10 sessions is payable in advance.
Card payments are accepted, but there is a 2% charge on card transactions.